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Item Number: PP3027
Condition: New
Working Load Limit: 5,500 lbs.
A: 124 mm, 4.89 in
B: 196 mm, 7.72 in
C: 100 mm, 3.94 in
Specifications: 4" Storable Slider Truck Winch

"Golden” Ratcheting - Why remove the winch bar until the load is secure? Paramount Products' exclusive Golden Ratchet Winch acts just like a ratcheting socket wrench.
3 - Bar - Designed for easy strap insertion during snow and ice conditions. Prevents the mandrel from freezing up.
Portable - Winches can be placed anywhere along the trailer side channel.
Spool - Designed to reduce strap wear, spool discs guide and store the webbing into a single roll up to 30.
Double Cap - Incremental adjustment from both sides of the winch allows for low clearance applications.
Slide - Allow for easy positioning in a track, but lock into place when tension is applied to the strap. Can also be welded for fixed application.
Combination -  Designed to be used with cable or webbing.
Winches are critical to the safety of hauling cargo. With straps or cable they can secure nearly every kind of load, allowing for the periodic tightening as needed.
They function in all types of weather and rarely falter. To properly maintain winches, a quick inspection before each use is required and will help insure they are undamaged and working properly.
Damaged or non-functional winches must be replaced immediately. For best performance, winches should be cleaned to remove dirt, mud, salt, and ice. Lubrication ensures that the winch pawl will drop freely into the gear teeth, and the gear will rotate freely.
When not in use, portable winches should be cleaned and stored in a dry location. With a proper maintenance, your winches will perform a very long time, safely and effectively.